Hello, Mina-san,

I have many magazine pages of the following bands where I would like to trade PAGES with anybody who's got
pin-ups/posters/pages which I don't have on GLAY, Pierrot, Gackt Camui, FEEL, Blam Honey, Amadeus, MAX, Rina Chinen, Aikawa Nanase.
Interested parties, please email me at
with the following details:
1) bands you are interested in
3) do you want ALL the pages of the bands or JUST ONLY certain magazine titles/volume no.
what bands do you have to give me
5) from which magazine title & issue/Volume no. are the pages from that you are giving me

* Bands in BOLD means I have a lot of their magazine pages *

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Last updated: 14 Sep 2003

Ash All I Need Cascade Chateu La Tour Close Crack Brain        
D.P.S Dasein Do As Infinity (Jpop) Doggy Bag (Jpop) Dope Headz EINS.VIER Fanatic Crisis Guniw Tools  
Hotei Tomayasu J+Jenius kagrra kana kein Kneuklid Romance Kraidz Hearz      
La'miel Lady Laid Laputa Lastier Luca Luna Sea    
Machine Maschera Media Youth merii (Merry) Michiru (Visual Band) MUCC N'oix Oblivion Dust Ozworld Pool Bit Boys (Jpop)
Psycho Le Cemu Penicillin Poisonous Doll Porno Graffitti (Jpop) Ronde Rouage S Shiina Ringo    
Shiver T.M. Revolution (Jpop) Takui The Alfee The Brilliant Green (Jpop) Transtic Nerve Vanilla    
Je*Reviens Raphael Mirage Merry Go Round (Adverts only) DAS:VASSER (Adverts only) Medical Trance Peach (Adverts only) Neil Malice Mizer    
Vasalla Vella Donna Vivid Vogus Image V6 (Jpop) Waive Yoshiki Zephyr Zigzo Zipang

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