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D.I.E. - Keyboardist


Komori Shigeo - Keyboardist

Komori ShigeoKomori Shigeo was introduced to GLAY as the new keyboardist by D.I.E. after D.I.E. left GLAY in 1998.

I got involved with music quite late. I started playing the piano when I was about 20 years old and enrolled in Keio university JAZZ Lab. In 1981, ROCKBAND "CAT & DOGS" debuted from VAP Records. After the band disbanded in 1983, I was involved in solo projects such as music composition, music perfomances and CM productions, as well as participating in the recording sessions and live performances of various artistes. Released my very own album "GOOD-BYE GERALDINE" in 1991. At the beginning of 1993, I was involved in the production work for Imai Miki's work "Flow Into Space LIVE Miki Imai Tour'93" Recent participation in recording sessions and live performances involve those of Hotei Tomoyasu, Imai Miki, Fujii Fumiya and GLAY. Right now, I'm concentrating on music production and REMIX in the private studio "POPSLAB. 405".

* Translated from Komori Shigeo's official web site, Komori "SK55" Shigeo 55%

His official web site is at


Masahide Sakuma - Producer

Masahide SakumaSince 1995, Masahide Sakuma has been GLAY's producer. Together with GLAY, he is responsible for the arrangement of almost all of their songs and is credited for giving them their distinct sound along with long-time sound engineer, Michael Zimmerling. He also started making guitars because he wanted to make them for the musicians. He made his original guitar line, Journeyman and bass line, Top Dog which became popular with many musicians. His official guitar web site is SGCrafts, Sakuma Guitar Crafts,

* Translated from GIGS magazine, Oct 1998



Toshimitsu (Toshi) Nagai - Drummer

Toshi NagaiToshi Nagai supported GLAY with his drumming since the "SPEED POP GIG '95". He was seen by Teru and Hisashi at Himuro Kyosuke's live concert at Yokohama Arena in 1994. His powerful drumming left a strong impression on them so GLAY invited him to support them on drums.

Toshi is a fan of English music especially punk rock and he had studied Jazz and Fusion music. His music style is a mixture of British rock, Jazz, Fusion, and hard rock. Besides GLAY, he has also worked with various artistes such as Himuro Kyosuke, Hiro Takahashi, CHAGE & ASKA, Shonentai, etc. To date, he had released 2 solo albums, "MIND DRUM" and "D.O.S. DRUM" in which GLAY was involved in the production with the latter album.

His official web site is at


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