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Biography >>> Profile of band members, history of the band and intro of NEVER MIND - a band formed by GLAY for their secret lives (includes songs from their 2nd NEVER MIND album)

Discography >>> Listings of their singles, albums and videos (includes media clips of the songs and PVs)

Live! >>> Media clips of their live performances and soon-to-be-up pictures of their concert scenes (contributions welcome)

GLAY Stuff >>> 1) GLAY-related stuff: Creative stuff of GLAY (Wallpapers, themes, skins, etc.), GLAY Collection (listing of their official band score books & lyrics translations) and other misc. info on GLAY. 2) JRock-related stuff: HelloSingapore ML, Online stores of JRock/Visual Kei stuffs, Online sites for publishers of JRock magazines, JRock items for sale & trade, and Webmistress' recommendations and video collection.

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