History of GLAY, 1983 - 1999

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TAKURO transfers to the same elementary school as TERU.  The two that will later create the "backbone" of the band met....

"We were only classmates for a long time.  The first time I went to Takuro's room was when we were in 8th grade, and I still remember the guitar in his room and the Beatles songs that were on that day.  Then we started talking about music (TERU)"

"Teru was always changing emotions, really rapidly, you know?  We were close, but it was only after we were in the same band that we became special friends (TAKURO)"


TAKURO and HISASHI, attending the same high school, met....

"We only knew each other back then.  When I was a sophomore, everyone in a band were bunched up in the same class, so we all got along  (HISASHI)"

TAKURO creates a band that will be the prototype of GLAY.

"The first song we did was called "Lazy Dance" by me.  It's really embarrassing now *lol* (TAKURO)"

TAKURO's band and Ari (ant), the band HISASHI was in at the time, did a joint concert.

"I think since those days GLAY had this thing of having a common dream.  I really felt like doing the gig.  But I also felt some irritation.  Like, 'this isn't rock!' (HISASHI)"


May 25
Childhood friends TAKURO and TERU created GLAY.  At this time, TERU was a drummer.

"There wasn't any grand plan, I just wanted to be in a band with friends.  We just sat there everyday and played on our instruments but I felt that during that brief time, we were part of a dream.  The more we were worried about our futures, the more dear that time together became important.  So we made the best out of every second (TAKURO)"

TERU becomes the vocalist of the band.

"I randomly sang to our demo tape melody, and Takuro insisted that I'd be a better singer than a drummer *lol*.  There was a good feeling of having a buried talent discovered, but it was nonetheless embarrassing . (TERU)"

July 2
GLAY (with TAKURO, TERU and other members at this time) performs their first live performance at "AUN-DO" in Hakodate.



"Ari just degenerated and I didn't really feel like playing anymore, so I was going to quit music altogether.  But a year of school was left and I had to face the college entrance exams and getting a job and that kind of sh*t.  Takuro came to me at that time.  I thought it might be good to be in a band again for a stress reliever, but consequently GLAY changed my life.  The magnetic force in Takuro and Teru worked from those days to pull people to them, I guess (HISASHI)"

July 2
First live performance, after HISASHI's joining, at a contest.

GLAY and JIRO's band PIERROT performs in a joint concert.  "GLAY was already famous in the area at the time, so I was really envious *lol* (JIRO)"


The song "Zutto Futari de...(Forever Together)" was created for TERU's sister's wedding.

"Watching my sister cry when we performed the song at the wedding, for the first time I learned how music can touch the soul.  Something we created with our heart can really impact a person emotionally.  The experience taught me how important my job was. (TERU)"

March 15
GLAY's first one-man concert after TAKURO and TERU's high school graduation.  The tickets sold out.

"Hisashi dyed his hair blond and black at the time.  He really looked like a kappa (legendary water imp) at the time! *lol* But he was still a reliable friend.  The members had a bond beyond music, so we really had a sense of one-ness. (TAKURO)"

March 31
TERU goes to Tokyo.

"I felt everything's just at the beginning when I was riding the train. (TERU)"

April 1
HISASHI goes to Tokyo.

April 2
TAKURO goes to Tokyo.

"After seeing the other 2 go, I left the third day.  Other than my own high expectations, I admit I felt lonely. (TAKURO)"

TAKURO and TERU's old friend SHINGO joins the band as bassist.

While touring around Tokyo for a live house to perform in, TAKURO and TERU worked at a printing factory.

"There were times when the live concert and the meeting for the printing executives (which we were invited as the factory's hopes) really made me wonder which we should go to *lol* (TAKURO)"

"I just concentrated on getting more part-time jobs, just in case GLAY didn't fly (HISASHI)"

August 2
With a new drummer, GLAY returns to Hakodate and has a joint concert with PIERROT.  It was also the first time TAKURO and JIRO talked together.

"After graduation, I was going to stay in Hokkaido and perform and have a simple life, but Takuro's stories about Tokyo kinda made me think twice.  Our conversation that day made me decide to go to Tokyo too.  This was also the day me and Takuro became friends.  I thought 'this guy looks scary, but he's really a nice person....' *lol* (JIRO)"

August 12
First live in Tokyo at Potato House in Urawa.  There were 2 people in the audience, with more people on stage.

August 28
Demo tape "Glay:1" recorded.

December 12
After going around several live houses in Tokyo and being declined to perform, GLAY appears on TV on "Ikasu Tengoku Band", a TV show that was extremely popular at that time, allowing amateur bands to perform in mass media.  Also Luna Sea appeared on the same show at the same time.


End of March
JIRO goes to Tokyo

"I cried on the train.  Yup, the first time. (JIRO)"

April 21
Live at Tokyo Itabashi's live house Garapagos.  With the lack of a drummer, bassist SHINGO moved to the drummer position.

GLAY began to perform at major live houses like EXP and LAZY WAYS.  Number of fans grew at this time.

October 12
First Demo Tape sold out.  The first one-man concert in Tokyo was scheduled for January, so the members ran all over the city giving out flyers.  Also, TAKURO claimed to be in a major slump at this time for music-making.

With the loss of a bassist, HISASHI moved to bassist position for the band to continue.

"Of course I was uncertain what the hell I was doing.  But I didn't want the band to end like this.  The balance between us was perfect for me.  And no matter if the answer was beyond reach, if Teru said it's gonna be ok, I felt something will happen. (HISASHI)"


January 16
First one-band gig in Tokyo.  The audience was of about 50 people at the time.

AKIRA joined the band as drummer.  With each position semi-secured now, the members began to grow rapidly in skills.

July 10
Popularity grew and GLAY performed 4~5 small concerts in the Tokyo/Kanto area.  SHINGO left the band.

July 12
First recording with AKIRA as a member.  The demo tape (50 copies) sold out the same day it was released.

With the growing success, GLAY throws a party in Tokyo inviting old friends from their hometown, Hakodate, in the area.  JIRO, with his band PIERROT degenerated,  was invited by TAKURO to join as a bassist.

"About 15 of us were in a bar just sitting around when Takuro asked me.  I thought he was joking at first. (JIRO)"

"I just thought that we'd get more girl fans if he (JIRO) joined....(TAKURO)"

JIRO joined GLAY as the official bassist.

"I always thought I was just helping out, not really doing this as a job.  Kind of like a stepping stone for the future as a musician.  I felt none of us really put our efforts into the band at this time.  (JIRO)"

GLAY performed their record (at that time) 8 lives during this month.

"We were having a great time, doing meaningless things like making logo-fans and giving out free demo tapes and stuff *lol* (JIRO)"


January 13
With a live performance two days later, TERU gets into a car accident.

"I lost conscience for 30 minutes, and found myself covered in blood.  But I did perform in the concert...(TERU)"

Staff members of Exstacy Records stumbled on a GLAY demo tape and sent it to YOSHIKI, former member of reknown JRock band X-Japan.

October 17
YOSHIKI secretly visited a GLAY performance and recruited them into his recording agency.

"We were told later after the concert that Yoshiki was here.  While listening to him, he asked us if we wanted to become pro, there was obviously a gleeful "LUCKY!" in my head, but on the other hand, I felt a sense of nuisance too.  I mean, I never learned any sense of respect for people in this field above or below us, and didn't want to learn now.  We are who we are, not someone else's pawn.  Besides, I think I'm far from being a member of a visual band.  But listening to Yoshiki and seeing what kind of person he was, I was brainwashed *lol* (JIRO)"

First "Indies" album "Hai to Daiyamondo" (Ashes and Diamonds) recording started.


January 13
First concert after the contract.  The concert sold out and people eager to get in, formed a line from Meguro's Rokumei-Kan to the Meguro Station.

GLAY went to Los Angeles' One on One Recording Studio where YOSHIKI supervised their first official album and debut single. The process was prolonged by the major earthquake that hit California at that time.

April 22 & 23
2-day Concert at Meguro's Rokumei-kan. Both days sold out.

"I had serious problems with my voice these days because of a sore throat.  I wondered, what's the use of a vocalist with no voice?  The other three members are becoming more and more bigger as artistes, and I'm sitting here with no voice!' (TERU)"

May 25
Official debut single CD "Rain" hits the national market as the theme song for the summer movie "Yamato Takeru" from YOSHIKI's recording label PLATINUM Records.  Sold about 150 thousand copies.  Also Exstacy Records sold "Hai to Daiyamondo" nationally the same day.

May 27
First appearance as pros on TV, appearing on MUSIC STATION.

June 15
2nd single "Manatsu no Tobira" (Midsummer's Door) hit the market as the opening theme song for anime "Yamato Takeru".  Sold 100 thousand copies.

July 31
First official pro Live at Shibuya On Air West.  Tickets sold out in 2 hours.

Sep 26~Oct 21
First concert tour "Hai to Daiyamondo" took place in 13 locations nationally.

October 1
First short-term regular show (FM radio in Hokkaido only) "GLAY in FM ROCK KIDS" begins

November 16
3rd single "Kanojo no Modern..." (Her "Modern...") hit the market.  The image of "GLAY=suits" became concrete with the music video for this song.

November 24, 26, 30
First major one-band-hall tour in Osaka, Nagoya, and Tokyo. Only 6 months since their performance in Meguro, showing GLAY's rapid growth in national popularity.

December 24
Last airing of "GLAY in FM ROCK KIDS".  The station flooded with faxes, Christmas presents and phone calls.


January 25
4th single "Freeze My Love" hit market as the theme song for drama "Ring no Tamashii (Ring's Spirit)".  Entered as 15th best selling CD the week it was released.

March 1
First major album "SPEED POP" hit market.  The highest ranking on Ori-kon (similar to Billboards) was 8th in sales.

March 4
TV appearance on NHK's Pop Jam.

March 19
"FM ROCK KIDS RETURNS - -GLAY'S LONG NIGHTS" aired in Hakodate due to popular demand.

April 2
D.I.E. joined on keyboards as supporting member while NOBUMASA (AKIRA) left his drummer position.

"I started using water guns on stage from this time.  It was imitating Steve Stevens on my part, but I'm sure I've used at least 50 guns by now....(HISASHI)"

April 5
Tokyo Bay area radio show "Music Puls On Tokyo Bay" began.

April 22
National Tour "Speed Pop Gig '95" began.  Performed at 10 locations nationally, all sold out the day the tickets were on sale.

May 17
5th single "Zutto Futari de..." hit market as theme song for TV show "Channel 99" as well as first video clip collection "Video Glay" was released.

July 7
During the video taping of "Yes Summerdays", JIRO's apartment was ransacked.

".....I saw the broken glass but didn't realize what was going on at first.  They took my rice and not my guitar...*lol* (JIRO)"

August 9
6th single "Yes Summerdays" hit market as image song for "Chamellia Diamonds" CM.

"I just decided to cut my hair on this day big reason..(TERU)"

TERU later confessed that the motive of cutting his hair was for popularity.

"My conclusion of life was, guys with short hair gets more girls than those with long hair...(TERU)"

JIRO cuts his finger with broken glass from a champagne bottle the night before a performance in Nagoya.

"I still have the scar on my thumb....(JIRO)"

November 8
7th single "Ikiteku Tsuyosa" (Strength to Live) hit market as opening theme for TV show "Kaza-ana DOWN TOWN".

December 26
"GLAY '95 FINAL THE GLORIOUS NIGHT" Concert performed at Ichikawa Club GioHISASHI made sound effects for concert on his MAC during this time.  The tickets (450 limited audience) was sold on the day of the performance, and sold out.


January 17
8th single "Glorious" hit market as CM song for Victoria ski wear.  Ori-kon ranking 8th on first week of release, sold 500 thousand copies in first month.

February 7
2nd Album "BEAT Out!" released.  Sales recorded at #1 that week on Ori-kon.

February 29
"BEAT OUT '96 TOUR" started. For some reason HISASHI made the T-shirts to sell at the concerts....

All concerts and regular TV/radio shows are cancelled for GLAY to make new songs.

"I made "Shutter Speeds no Teema" during this time.  I thought there can be a bubbly song for GLAY every once in a while...(JIRO)"

May 2
"VIDEO GLAY 2" hit market and sales recorded at #1 that week on Ori-kon.

June 5
Recording for third album began.

June 8 & 9
GLAY went to Iceland/London to film video clips for "BELOVED".

"I felt the ice rumbling under me, and the birds really enjoying flying, unlike in Japan, for the first time.  I'll never forget that emotional moment. (HISASHI)"

"Without the trip, I don't think the album "BELOVED" would've been completed. That's how much the trip impacted us. (TAKURO)"

June 20
"ETERNAL 1/4--Glay Story" book hit market.

August 7
9th single "Beloved" hit market as theme song for drama "Hito-natsu no Propose (One Summer's Propose)"

October 2
Bay-FM radio regular show "TERU ME NIGHT with GLAY" (DJ: TERU) began.

Secret live in Osaka, attended various School Festival guest bands at universities.

November 11
10th single "A boy~Zutto Wasurenai" (Never Forget) hit market as ending theme song for TV music show POP JAM.

November 18
3rd Album "BELOVED" hit market.  First million selling album.

December 8
"96~97 TOUR BELOVED YOU" started (25 locations, 33 performances, 8 encore performances)

December 14
BEAT Out! Tour Document book "Groovy" hit market.


January 29
LIVE & DOCUMENTARY VIDEO "Infinnite deja vu DOCUMENT of "BEAT out!" TOUR" hit market.

April 2
NACK5 Radio show "UP TOWN SQUARE" began (DJ: HISASHI)

May 14
11th single "Kuchibiru" (Lips) hit market as theme song of TV music show "HEY! HEY! HEY!", which is GLAY's first Ori-kon #1 single.   Special fan-club-members only concert "HAPPY SWING '97 UNPLUGGED" takes place.

June 9
Book "Arigato" (Thank You) written by HISASHI hit book shelves.

July 10
"ARENA TOUR'97~HIT THE WORLD" began.  Performed at 10 locations.

August 6
12th single "However" hit market.  Ori-kon #1 on first week, first million selling CD for GLAY.

October 2
4th album "Best Album REVIEW" hit market.  Sold 3 million copies in first month, recording the highest points in Ori-kon history.
FM Radio show "Million Nights GLAY Line  with TAKURO" (DJ: TAKURO) on air.

 October 7
FM radio show "Love Over Time" (DJ: JIRO) began.

November 29
Received 30th annual On-Air Awards Grand Award.

November 30

December 3

December 31
Appeared on Kohaku Uta Gassen (Red White Music Festival) with "However".

"Hakodate, Arigato~~!" (TERU)


January 9
"However" used for theme song of new drama "Ryakudatsu Ai=Abunai Onna (STOLEN LOVE=DANEROUS WOMAN)". TAKURO also worked on soundtrack of the show.

February 4
3rd VIDEO COLLECTION "VIDEO GLAY3" on sale.  Also, LD versions of previous videos also released.

February 16
BEST ALBUM "REVIEW~BEST OF GLAY" becomes the most sold album in Japan's history.

February 25
5th album "Glay Song Book~soundtrack of Ryakudatsu Ai=Abunai Onna" released with new arranged versions of previously released GLAY songs.

April 17
TDK presents "GLAY Tour'98 PURE SOUL"

April 26
12/13th single TDK CM song "Yuuwaku" and Kanebo CM song "Soul Love" released on the same day, marked at #1 and 2 on Ori-kon that week respectively.

July 29
6th album "PURE SOUL", Live Video "GLAY PURE SOUL TOUR 98" hit market.

August 8
"Stadium Concert" began.

November 25
14th Single "BE WITH YOU" on sale.

December 6
Live Video "SUMMER of '98 Pure Soul in STADIUM" hit market.

December 31
Appeared on Kohaku Uta Gassen (Red White Music Festival) with "Yuuwaku".


GLAY welcomes a new keyboard player, Komori, who is the keyboard player for Fumiya Fujii [of F-Blood and former Checkers vocalist] through the connection of D.I.E, who decided to resign as GLAY's keyboard player to start his own band.

February 3
15th single "Winter, Again" released.

February 9
Jiro's book "Caramel Box" hit market.

February 11~March 10
GLAY "PURE SOUL" tour phase 3, Dome Tour takes place.  First in Japan for a consecutive 5-day music concert of the same performer.

The process of reservation-only PSX version of "GLAY COMPLETE WORKS" begins, and participating comvenience stores nationally were accepting reservations all month.  A public version of the softcopy available in DVD and PC versions later.

"Cyber Net City" - Hisashi's Radio*Jack featured for the month on air.

April 20
GLAY@ NYC photo book "N.Y.C Shuffle" released.

April 24
Hisashi's personal web site "Surf the Dead City" updated.

May 1
Tribute CD for ex-X member (X = X-Japan) Hide, "TRIBUTE SPIRITS" was released.  GLAY was one of the featured artistes singing cover versions of Hide's songs.

May 19
16th single "Sabaibaru" (Survival) released as anime Kaikan Phrase's theme song.  Sold as video single with anime and live versions of the song.

June 30
GLAY Picture book "LIFE RECORD IN AMERICA" released.

July 1
Video on Pure Soul tour, phase 3~Dome Tour was released.

July 31
GLAY EXPO '99 SURVIVAL took place in the special huge parking space of Chiba Makuhari Messe. This event was the biggest live concert ever in Japan's rock & pop music history. All 200,000 tickets were sold out.

GLAY JUMBO from JAL took to the skies.

July 7
"GLAY LIVE AT BIG EGG" video released.

August 25
17th single "Koko dewa nai, Dokoka e" released.

September 1~15
GLAY Jumbo Farewell Flight campaign.

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