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GLAY's Official Fan Club "Happy Swing"

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How to Join?

GLAY's Official Fan Club's Membership Card
* a silver metallic card *

1) Write your name and address on the front of a 12cm x 23cm envelope. (This will become a self-addressed envelope)

2) Send this self-addressed envelope to:

Glay Official Fan Club "Happy Swing"
International Applicants
Shibuya Yuubinkyoku Dome
Tokyo, 150-8681 JAPAN

3) When you received the official application form, follow the instructions to complete the form and then mailed it back to the address above TOGETHER with 4000 yen cash. The processing of the application will take up to 3 months before you receive the official membership card. Upon receipt of the membership card, you will start receiving the newsletters soon. (Please re-confirm the amount to pay again when you receive the official application)

Membership Privileges

  1. Membership card with your name engraved on it
  2. Quarterly newsletters each year (March, June, September, December)
  3. Advance booking of GLAY's concert tickets
  4. Christmas card with GLAY's signatures
  5. Special mail order service for GLAY's goods
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