About the Webmistress
Name Candice (Lam W.L) - Can call me "Kiriya" (ƒLƒŠƒ„ my new Japanese name ^^) or "Candice" or "Ling"

Kiriya (Japanese name)
Rin (Japanese for "Ling")
Ling Ling (pet name given by family)
Kirito love (given by a friend)
teruhiko_chan (Yahoo! Groups)
candice_kiriya (Live Journal)
teru-chan / aijinokoi (DALNet/GalaxyNet MIRC)
7931424 (ICQ)
teru-chan@glay.per.sg (MSN)

Birthday 25 September 19XX - *wail~* I'm old already, but still ok, at least I'm still younger than Kohta by....3 months?
Zodiac Rabbit (Chinese), Libra (Western)
Country of Birth / Residence Singapore
Family Parents, grandmother and a younger brother
Race / Dialect Chinese / Cantonese & semi-Hakka
Religion Buddhism
Don't try to convert me to some other religion, the last time somebody tried, that fella was....by me. Juz respect one another's religion and I'm happy with what I believe in now, thank you!
The Webmistress - Candice (1998)

Frank, open-minded, determined (sometimes can be REAL stubborn), independent, homely and outgoing (with own circle of friends), good listener, fast-learner (except for things I hate), sentimental, a romantic at heart and appreciates anything (living/non-living) that is beautiful.

One of my friends even teased me about admiring beautiful women, I mean hey what's wrong with admiring beauty, don't tell me that I must be a guy before I can admire beautiful women o_O? Anyway, I am admiring, not ogling and drooling like some stupid men I've seen... -_-

I'm not pretty so maybe that explains why I like and admire pretty things? *shrugs* And I hate taking photos, I absolutely don't look photogenic in them.....or is it a problem with the person taking them? wakaranai..... ???

Strangers often say that I'm aloof but I'm not...I'm just more comfortable with my own group of friends, that's all. I'm definitely not that type that goes around wearing a smile for strangers.

If I really dislike something/somebody, I'll ignore the thing/person in question...that's me. I don't like to put on a show... -_-

Oh! I like obedient kids and I tend to be very soft with them...not the unruly and screaming ones....they are definitely out of the question! I don't even want to be near them! My current "pet" is my best friend's little nephew and he's so sweet!

Appearance Slight wavy, shoulder-length hair (am trying to keep my hair like Kirito's ^^;;;,) am short-sighted but dislike wearing glasses as they keep slipping off my "button" nose...plain-looking but I like my eyes the most 'cos they reflect my moods...
Languages Spoken / Written English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese (passed the JLPT Level 3 but gave up on the lessons 'cos I hate exams, am now learning more as I go along reading the mangas, watching the Animes and listening to JRock / JPop)
Addictions Japanese animes & mangas, music, computers, surfing the net, karaoke, travelling, badminton and sleeping!
Fav Colours Black, silver, maroon, dark purple, pink, navy blue, sky blue
Fav Food Japanese food, seafood, spicy food esp. Tom Yam Soup (Thailand), grapes, pomelo, mango, strawberry and sweet plums
Fav Flowers Lilies and tulips
Fav Animals Dog (Lassie ^_^), cat, rabbit, dolphin, koala and penguin! (kawaii !!)

People who just: don't know when to joke and when to be serious, NATO (No Action, Talk Only), think looks are everything (yah..look at yourself in the mirror first) and are slow in getting hints that they are irritating?

Smoking, excessive gambling, excessive drinking (I don't gamble but I do drink, so anything excessive is out of the question), flying cockroaches and other creepy crawlies, crowded places, back-stabbers (I mean if there's anything, say it in front of the person, not behind someone's back like a coward) and braggarts.

Oh, I hate talking long on the phone unless I'm in the mood, which usually I don't.....I think that talking on the phone is a waste of time......I'd rather spend time on my comp, sleeping or watching vids.....

My Qualifications

Holding a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Computing and Information Systems from University of London. Just gotten an Advanced Diploma in Business Administration in 2000.....really need to brush up on my soft skills.

Work Experience

Before 2004: Software programming and now, Web design / programming. I'm not trained at design and these multimedia stuff, but picked them up along the course of my work...I'm more technically inclined as my field of study is programming. But, I can't imagine myself staring at program codes day-in, day-out --> BORING....

Current: Can't imagine... I hated Maths so much but right now I'm in Finance...ahahahaha. *Sigh* Hope I can get a Consultancy job that has regional travelling...

Things I Can't Live Without Now...

My mobilephone, home computer and internet access, lap-top, music, MP3 player, amethyst-coloured mascara and dark brown lipstick

Latest addition: Dark nail polishes...

Fav Artistes/Bands

Sammi Cheng & Faye Wong (Hong Kong)

Celion Dion, The Cranberries & Savage Garden (West)

GLAY, Pierrot, Gackt Camui, Luna Sea, Inoran, MAX, Dreams Come True, Aikawa Nanase, Matsu Takako & Kiroro (Japan)

Why I did these web sites ?

Well, partly to relieve some of my work stress by focusing on things I like and I really, really wanted to have a personal web site of my own for a long, long time. But each time, I started work on it, the pages just ended up being trashed 'cos I didn't just want to start a site that talks about myself. I find that it will be boring and I like to keep my private life as it is....So, the sites ended up being reflections of one of my hobbies now - JROCK.

If I have the time, I'll start other similiar sites on my other hobbies, such as Japanese Anime/Manga, etc. But that is, if I have the time....I have to work, you know, to support my sites and myself, hahaha

Last but not least, I must really thank my web-hosting provider, Boon and Gideon, who are not just on business terms with me but friends as well. Guys, thanks for helping me when I really needed help with all the server stuff! ^_^

Why I like...

Sammi: Unique voice and good showmanship

Faye: Unique voice and this lady's got a mind of her own!

Celine: Powerful voice yet soulful enough to melt one's heart!

The Cranberries: Songs on the edge that talks about life and people in general

Savage Garden: Their music and voice harmony catches my attention

GLAY: Their wide-appealed music and instrument-playing (you want rock, you got it, you want ballads, you got it as well) and Teru's voice definitely helps! They have chosen a good name for the band where GLAY actually means "gurei" or "grey" as the kind of music they play can be very different from one song to the next....this is what they want their music direction to be....I only hope that they can continue to churn out some more good tunes for us to listen to every now and then ^_^

Pierrot: Their pop-rock music and very STRONG instrument-playing (guitars, bass and drums - all very GOOD) and Kirito's voice is unique as well and his singing technique is good...Luckily, Kirito took over the vocals when the original vocalist left. He sounds much better than the former.

And this is one of those bands you seldom come across where almost every song in their singles and albums are good and lasting...lasting as in the more you hear, the more you like it...And most importantly, I feel that the kind of music they play fit the band's name very well - it's like when you hear the song, you know definitely it's a Pierrot song...I also hope that they do not lose their uniqueness even though they have moved on to a major label - this is what happens to most Indies bands that have gone on to major labels - they lose their individuality and become too commercialised.... -_-

Gackt: Voice is unique and powerful, can instantly recognise once you heard it...can hit the low and high notes very well...and talented as well, plays the violin, piano, guitar, percussions, .....He really boosted Malice Mizer's popularity when he joined them....though he now pursues his own solo career.....

Luna Sea: Senpais! About the same era as Glay, their music is one of the best! Am amazed that Ryuichi never sings out of tunes during lives though his voice is a bit on the high side... ^^;

Inoran: My favourite rhythm guitarist in Luna Sea! He's so steady! I'm totally besotted by his voice when I heard him sang solo for the first time! Soft and husky... probably from too much smoking...? Recently, just realised that another guy from Taiwan, Seasons Lee Jia Qiang, sounded quite like him~

MAX: These 4 ladies' singing and showmanship are good, got wide-appeal, and overall, I feel this group is very united

Dreams Come True: The lady's vocals is powerful and I like the songs that they have sung...

Aikawa Nanase: Really powerful voice, very suitable for JROCK...respect her a lot since it's not easy for a lady to be in JROCK. However, she seems to have toned down recently, maybe it's all about growing up and being less rebellious?

Matsu Takako: Really powerful and crystal-clear voice, reminds me of Celine's

Kiroro: These 2 ladies are very talented 'cos they composed their own songs and play the instruments on their own. Proves that looks are not what it takes but rather your talent and skills

Small talk...

Basically, I'm attracted to artistes who've got unique and powerful voices, and bands that have very strong (or heavy) instrument playing and meaningful lyrics to go with. Oh, and most importantly, the vocalist's voice is also very important..

With so many visual JRock bands around, I'm definitely turned off by guys in visual bands who look so beautiful (some look like gorgeous women with their stage make-up and dressing...ooh envy ^_^) but the moment they open their mouths, URRGGH! --> Image and Voice do not match.... (fainted o_O)

Well, some people asked me whether do I listen to other bands as well? In fact, I do. Such as L'arc-en-Ciel (Laruku), X Japan, Baiser, Dir en Grey, Raphael, Amadeus, Aliene Ma'riage, Due le Quartz, Janne da Arc, J, Fake?, Schwarz Stein, etc. The list goes on....but my fav bands are still GLAY and Pierrot....

Reasons? Ermm...please refer to above....Anyway, my music preference is quite varied. For example, I like the early albums of Luna Sea and Laruku, Dir en Grey's Cage, Yokan and Yurameki only - sorry DEG fans, but this is my personal opinion "I don't like unnecessary screaming in songs - especially Kyo's screaming....I like him better when he sings properly....I know, I know, it's not DEG if Kyo don't scream, but... "

In short, I prefer songs/music (esp. on the part of the Vocalist) that is soothing to my ears and comes with meaningful lyrics... I don't really fancy alternative, punk, heavy metal, and rap. And I can't stand Japanese rappers who try to look like the rappers from the West, I mean come on, you have your own identity, why follow them?

I think I have said enough 'cos people were emailing me asking more details about myself and my music preference so I thought I should say something about it here....if I go on, my small talk will become "long" talk.....hehehe

Another thing, I want to thank Wai Keet, my "kawaii" brother's ex-campmate, for lending me the CDs especially that of the Indies bands, else I wouldn't have a chance to know some of those promising bands that play great music as well.... ARIGATOU !

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